Finally those sun rays are making an appearance !!

How amazing are these aerial images by Zack Seckler! I'm obsessed, they are 100% worth checking out.

I forgot how tiring pregnancy can be especially in the 3rd trimester and having another kid running around. With only 11 weeks to go I'm trying to squeeze as much in as I can before I'm really truly worn out.  Luckily I have a super mum who has been amazing and helps out as much as she can which is a huge deal.

We have spent so many weekends rushing around doing a million things, but not today! Today we are taking it easy and doing things at a lot slower pace. It feels pretty good,  plus hopefully it will set us up for the week ahead.

Happy Sunday.


Happy mothers day to all you mamas and mamas to be,  hope you get a day full of hugs, kisses, china cups filled with tea and spending the day together.

We don't go out on mothers day and never have, my idea of a perfect day is spending it with my family at home pottering the day away and relaxing. 

Being a mum is such a crazy thing!  you get to take care of this person who relies on you for everything, some days all you want just a few seconds to yourself and when you finally get it you miss them like mad.

All I know is life with out with out these little creature is pretty boring, mamas you're doing a great job!

Peek at life via instagram.

1/ Movie nights in bed.
2/ her request to be max from Where the wild things are for world book week.
3/ My pregnancy craving! Bagel, lemon juice, cream cheese, cucumber, cress, avocado & black pepper.
4/ Baby bump
5/ Currently my sewing kick is huge!


Me and Penny finally felt it was warm enough to hit to pool and take this baby bump swimming.  We didn't want to leave the water, OK so our local pool isn't quite as beautiful and exotic as these pictures, but hey! I could honestly swim everyday given the chance, it was great being back in the water after winter.

Dress C/o Freepeople // Moccs by Minnetonka // Beads Thrifted // Cardigan Thrifted 

I'm really enjoying waking up to bright mornings, it really sets me up for the day and makes me a much jollier person!
To get me in the spring mood I have started looking for new pieces to add to my wardrobe, especially any items that will see me through the last few months of my pregnancy and after.  When I was expecting Penny my wardrobe was mostly maternity, this time around I have managed to get  non maternity clothes by looking  for different styles that can work with a bump. This is pretty exciting as I don't have to give up favourite shops like freepeople just cause I'm a mama to be. Smiles all around.

images via Leah & Steph

I have been a huge fan of the "Feathering The Nest" course, in fact I have actually taken part in it for the past two seasons, it's such a great way to welcome in spring and autumn.

Over that space of two weeks you get to work through each room in your home and create a space that's personal and inspiring. With in the course you learn skills that can regularly be used including tutorials, recipies, feng shui  and that's just to name a few!

Each season I refer back to this course to expand and refresh on the knowledge I have learned, it's become a seasonal ritual I enjoy and look forward to.

Leah and Steph have been kind enough to offer one Gypsie Sister reader a space on the spring opening of Feathering The Nest.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want be sure you have a spot on the course you can sign up here or on the sidebar the button, plus use the code GYPSIE15 to get 15% off!

      Here is a lovely tutorial that I was given by Leah and Steph to share with my readers the first season I took part.

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